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Sellineo holds free online workshops and webclasses to help marketers launch successful online businesses

Jean-Philippe Schoeffel
Creates Digital Business Systems

Paul Brooks
Turns Systems Into Actionable Knowledge  

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JP Schoeffel

After more than a decade creating and launching online businesses (SaaS platforms,  Info Products, E-Commerce, Traffic Agency), I've decided to open the gates to the systems I have created and finetuned over the years. 

My company is now mostly focused on SaaS platforms, creating advanced marketing automations systems helping online entrepreneurs and digital marketers (new or advanced) launch and grow successful online businesses. 

During our free online workshops, we teach you the most important and effective digital marketing business models and systems, and we show you how you can quickly get started implementing those using our easy to use online applications and cloud based softwares.

Paul Brooks

​During the years since starting this wonderful online marketing journey of mine it's been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows and I've looped the loop more than once. Maybe you can relate to that.

My break through came when I discovered what we talk about on our workshops and my background in corporate training has given me the skills to teach it.

So, now when I'm asked if there's one piece of advice I'd give to aspiring or struggling online marketers, it's this...

Don't try to do it alone. The fastest way to success is to team up with people who already have the kind of success you want and who are willing to give you access to their tools, knowledge and experience.

That's exactly what we offer.